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Ping Equipment

Ping Equipment

One of the biggest, and most recognisable names in golf equipment, the Ping story began humbly. Karsten Solheim was a mechanical engineer who found his putting was handicapping his game. He started to experiment with different designs and, in 1959, came up with the 1A model. The putter came up with its own brand name - when Solheim hit the ball it "Pinged" off the club face. Ping was the first manufacturer to offer high quality cast clubs, which both reduced costs, allowed better quality control for high tech features and set the stage for manufactured fitting.
Ping was also the first to offer factory fitting, via a variety of clubheads in different lies and offsets. Beginning about 1980 Ping began offering their fitting program based on a checklist of the player's physical characteristics, common problems and distances. The 2011 checklist at the Ping website contained approximately 100 data inputs and was part of a 5-step fitting process covering everything from driver to putter. Ping is so intent on custom fitting that it began manufacturing some iron clubheads with a small notch in the clubhead. The notch allows the clubhead to be bent to the required specification without the danger of breaking the clubhead as was the problem for previous models. 
Ping manufacture high specification clothing, equipment and accessories which match the matches the quality of design and production values as Ping clubs.

PING Sigma G Wolverine T Putter.

PING Sigma G Wolverine T Putter. Black Nickel. Face Balanced. Putter Type - Conventional Standard Length - 35.00" Head Weight - 370g Stroke Type - Straight Lie Adjustability - ±2° Introducing the New Frontier of feel and forgiveness. A…


PING Vault Arna Putter.

PING Vault Arna Putter. Slate and Platinum. Putter Type - Conventional Standard Length - 35.00" Length Range w/Adjustable Shaft - 31.00" - 38.00" Head Weight - 350g Stroke Type - Slight Arc Lie Adjustability - ±4° Precision-milled PIN…