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Hoylake Golf Store has a number of battery options available, from lead acid batteries to lithium design for sit on buggys.


Caddy Cell Mobilty Golf Buggy Litium Battery.

24v 32ah – Code 270016 – This superb battery replaces 2 x 55ah batteries on a mobility buggy.  The power to weight ratio will surprise and delight you.  No more carrying those heavy lead acid units around. Weighs 8kg and measures W160mm x L250m…


Caddycell Lithium Battery.

12v 16ah (With USB outlet) – Code 270009) Ideal for golf, camping, fishing and festivals. Weighs just 2.1kg and measures 167mm x 125mm x 75mm – manufacturers guarantee 36 months.


Motocaddy Standard Lead Acid Battery.

The Motocaddy 21ah Lead-acid Battery has been developed to offer an 18 hole capacity* and is suitable for use with any single-motored Motocaddy electric trolley. 18 hole capacity on one charge* 12-month warranty 12V 21ah capacity Manufact…